Back Pain FAQs

Back pain is one of the most common complaints among Americans, causing a great deal of havoc and suffering in daily life. Fortunately, it’s also a very treatable issue – typically through natural methods. Learn more about back pain and its treatment through the answers to some of the most common questions provided by our team at Balance In Motion in New York, NY.


Why is my back in pain if I haven’t been in any accidents?

Auto, sports, and work accidents are just a few of the top causes of back pain, but they are certainly not the only ones. Many people injure their backs through repetitive motions, which can overwork the soft tissues quicker than they can repair themselves. Unhealthy habits, such as using poor posture or lifting items improperly, can also cause back pain. Spinal misalignment is another common cause.

How can spinal misalignment cause back pain?

The bones of the spine are designed to sit neatly on top of one another. If one is not sitting properly, it can put undue pressure on other spinal components, such as discs, muscles, and ligaments. Often, these components will put pressure on the sciatic nerve, causing sciatica – one of the leading causes of back pain.

Can chiropractic care really help?

Yes, a chiropractor is an incredible resource for back pain. As experts in the neuromusculoskeletal system, chiropractors can detect and accurately diagnose the root cause of the pain and develop a customized treatment plan to address it. When the root cause is addressed, it provides natural and lasting relief. This is where chiropractic care shines – it doesn’t just address the symptoms. It actually digs in to find and treat the cause of them.

What will my chiropractic treatment include for back pain relief?

Another reason chiropractic care is so effective is that it is highly personalized for the individual. There is no one single treatment plan used for every patient. Additionally, as treatment carries on, the plan may be adapted if optimal results aren’t reached. Generally, though, you can expect a combination of methods from the following categories:

    • Adjustments – These are key to restoring your spinal alignment.

    • Soft tissue therapy – Various methods are available to address pain, tension, inflammation, and constrictions in the soft tissues.

    • Therapeutic exercises – Strengthening and stretching the muscles in your back are essential for recovery and injury prevention.

    • Lifestyle recommendations – From building good habits to making changes in your sleep environment, you’ll receive personalized recommendations to achieve optimal pain relief.

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