Stretching/Manual Therapy

Many people perform stretches every day, primarily to work out kinks in the neck, back, or shoulders. Most people who work out regularly complete stretches to help relieve muscle tension and perform better during exercise. Though such stretching is helpful, stretch therapy is a more in-depth process that provides many more benefits.


What is Stretching/Manual Therapy?

Stretch therapy is a process that helps improve the body’s range of motion at your joints to help you reach your goals. It can include several different techniques depending on your specific needs. Your chiropractor can help determine which methods are best for you.

How Is Stretching/Manual Therapy Different from At-Home Stretches?

Have you ever had muscle pain in an area that you just could not reach? Or maybe after trying to stretch, you realize you have pain in muscles you did not even know you had. This is pretty common. Through regular daily stretching exercises, you can relieve tension in the most accessible areas. However, it can be challenging to reach those that are farther below the surface. Stretching therapy is designed to target those areas. Your chiropractor knows which stretches to use, how long to hold them, and how much pressure can safely be applied.

How Does Stretching/Manual Therapy Work?

Stretch therapy is similar to a massage. The specialist at your chiropractic clinic, which could be a stretch therapist or the chiropractor, meets with you one on one to determine problem areas. The specialist will then develop a treatment plan with stretching exercises to target those specific areas.

You will typically lie on a table for treatment. During this time, the specialist will help move your body into stretch positions that will target your problem areas. You simply relax while the specialist helps to stretch out your body. This prevents any resistance on your part that may result in ongoing pain or tension. 

What Are the Benefits of Stretching Therapy?

There are several benefits of assisted stretching exercises through chiropractic care. Some of the most common include the following:

  • Improved posture
  • Increased range of motion, mobility, and flexibility
  • Improved strength, self-esteem, and physical appearance
  • Better overall fitness performance
  • Increase in blood flow and circulation
  • Less risk of injury

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