Therapeutic Exercise


Therapeutic exercises are physical activities advised by your doctor to help restore function and mobility, increase strength and lessen pain.  The exercises are designed to help with the healing process from an injury or chronic condition.

Your doctor will work with you to determine a program of exercises to promote healing and improve function. 

Some examples of therapeutic exercises include:

  • Balance training
  • Strength training
  • Range of motion exercises
  • Progressive resistive exercise
  • Aerobic conditioning

Your doctor will show you the correct technique for each movement.

Based on your stage of healing and physical limitations, your doctor will select the best types of exercises for you.  An example might be to begin with a range of motion exercises and then move on to resistive exercises and you begin to improve.

Therapeutic exercises may be combined with other types of treatment, such as manual therapy, heat and cold therapy or electrical stimulation. Your treatment plan will progressively build as you heal and gain strength. The end goal of restoring flexibility, movement, and function.

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