Stretching Therapy

Life is motion. We hear that adage frequently and most of us would consider it an undeniable truth. But do we really think about what it means? Motion, to be effective, must combine strength with flexibility and mobility. Strengthening muscles by means of strengthening exercises is widely practiced in sports. Different sports utilize different types of strengthening exercises to benefit the particular muscles frequently used in those sports. It is very common to see athletes doing pushups, pullups, and working weights of all types to build strength. Strengthening exercises have also been shown to be beneficial for maintaining strength and physical ability as you age. At Balance In Motion Chiropractic, of New York City, we work to improve both mobility and strength.


Stretching Exercises

We perhaps don't hear quite as much concerning the necessity of stretching exercises. Yet, while strengthening exercises are important, flexibility and mobility are equally vital to health.

Stretching exercises have been practiced for their mobility benefits for thousands of years. One of the main ideas behind stretching exercises, one that we who practice chiropractic and spinal manipulation believe in wholeheartedly, is the idea that the spine is a fundamental structure in the body's architecture.

Almost all movement flows from the spine in some manner. It follows that the health of the spine is fundamental to overall health. One way to help maintain this health is good posture, which keeps the different parts of the body in balance. Unfortunately for many of us, the trials and tribulations of life work against maintaining good posture. Many of us are often sedentary, working in jobs that keep our spines in uncomfortable and unhealthy positions for hours on end. Stretching exercises can help you regain your mobility and flexibility.

Spinal Manipulation

Spinal manipulation is often also essential to erase bad posture and the aches and pains that come from misalignments of the spine and body. Balance In Motion Chiropractic, your New York chiropractor, assesses your condition and creates an individual program for you that will, through spinal manipulation and adjustments, bring your spine and posture back into healthy alignment. Many benefits are gained, including an increased range of motion, better posture, reduction of pain, improved immune system response, and increased endorphin production. These changes all contribute to an increased sense of general well-being and joy in life.

Your New York City Chiropractor

Yes, life is motion, and improving mobility and health will improve your life. Balance In Motion Chiropractic is not just some pithy adage: it's a way of life. We are Balance in Motion, your New York City Chiropractor. At Balance In Motion Chiropractic, we focus on helping you achieve total health and vibrant mobility. Contact us today to begin to regain the balance in your life!

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