Degenerative Disc Disease

Your Guide to Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative disc disease is a condition that commonly occurs with aging. However, some people never realize it's an issue as it doesn't always produce symptoms. In this guide, our team at Balance In Motion in New York, NY, explains this condition, the symptoms it can create, and how chiropractic care can help.


What Exactly Is Degenerative Disc Disease?

Between the spinal bones sit cushions – spinal discs that support the spine. They have a tough outer layer and are filled with fluid. Over time – usually due to wear and tear – these discs thin out and become weak enough to tear. This is known as degenerative disc disease or DDD.

Symptoms of DDD

Again, some people never even notice any symptoms, while others live with excruciating pain. This is because, while everyone's discs wear down, the degree to which they do and the complications related to it differ. In fact, it's not typically considered DDD until it produces symptoms. The symptoms experienced can vary, but most of them come from the disc or the inner fluid spilling out and putting pressure on the nerves. Such a situation can lead to:

- Shooting pain through the back, thighs, buttocks, and legs, or the back, shoulders, arms, and hands, depending on the location of the nerve compression.

- Muscle tension and spasms, especially in the back.

- The feeling of your back giving out on you.

The pain can last from days to months. It's often worse when you sit or use your back to bend, twist, or lift.

Chiropractic Treatment for DDD Relief

Treatment for DDD can be as varied as the individual experiencing it. Spinal decompression is a very effective method of treatment, as it gently stretches the spine. As this occurs, it relieves compression while creating a vacuum-like effect that pulls discs back in. That effect also pulls in oxygen, water, and other healing nutrients to the spine.

Soft tissue therapy and therapeutic exercises are also very beneficial. Soft tissue techniques, such as massage therapy, help relieve muscle tension and muscle spasms while improving range of motion and the flow of nutrients. Therapeutic exercises are targeted movements that stretch and strengthen troubled areas in the spine, providing pain relief while improving your overall spinal health.

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